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AI to give useful ECG interpretations

Whilst human ECG interpretation will always remain the appropriate standard of care for patients and will be needed medicolegally and ethically to make contextualised decisions, it would be useful to have better machine interpretations. Right now they’re not great. ECG data is so common that it would be easy (well easy in AI terms) to train the system and this system could then accurately compare against the previous ECGs on record for that person. Would need the ECGs to be digitised for this to work. Given all the comments re need for digitisation of investigations and connectivity across different settings, this would fit a wider health tech agenda. The AI ECG interpretation may pick up on temporal trends missed by a doctor on multiple old ECGs as well as help identify subtle abnormalities. Of course this would never replace human reasoning, be used blindly or delay emergency care for “barn door” MI etc 

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Liz Maddocks-Brown Aug 15, 2022

interesting idea and always wondered about how much information helpful to have as a patient - could it create more demand though people (lay people/ patients ) misinterpreting and potentially causing anxiety- i guess thought would be needed around the interpretation and a series of helpful FAQS and guidance ?

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