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Minor & urgent eye care on the high street

During the pandemic primary care optometry stepped up to deliver urgent eyecare on the high street, avoiding the need for a patient to attend a hospital and / or their GP. 

Commissioning arrangements have continued and 74% of the population now have access to eye health experts, using hospital grade equipment, on their doorsteps within optical practice. 

But patients don’t always know!

Most cases can be fully managed in primary care optometry. With ophthalmologist review / A&G this further increases the scope of care delivered locally. 

We’re working with general practice, NHS 111, MIUs and eye casualties across England to support effective care navigation. We need help to raise awareness of these local services to help people relieve the right care first time. 

edited on Aug 12, 2022 by Zoe Richmond
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Leigh Kendall 3 months ago

Hi Zoe, I had no idea about this, it sounds great! Does it mean I could pop into Boots Opticians or similar, so their high street optician should be their first port of call for eye concerns? Most people have to pay for their eye test, whereas going to their GP requires no payment - how would we make sure there's equitable access?

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Kerry McGinty 3 months ago

I was thinking a similar thing Leigh! That would be so handy!

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Geoffrey Wolfson 3 months ago

Another brilliant use of a highly trained clinical resource; there might be capacity issues, but the services probably have more wiggle room than GPs (who might have to refer on, anyway) and A&E services.

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